Advertisement from T.V.Perfect tortilla from Canada kept asking other items yes or no, i put no on all the items they wanted to sell.

I only wanted the 2 tortialla shell and get two extra free. I had it add up to 29.75 total, when i press contiune to get to the amount. OMYGOODNESS what a shock, they went ahead and total up on their own $144.00 to me. There was no way i could not cacelled the orders and i have to wait to open up the order status in 24 hours.

PLEASE LET PEOPLE KNOW THAT THIS IS A SCAM ADVERTISEMENT. Now i have to go to Walmart to help me on the MoneyCard as WalMart wont help me on line.

I have a profound servel hearing loss, and can only commuciate typing messages.

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i dont understand, you peaople claim to be getting "ripped off" but if you just paid attention to advertising and listen to what was being said instead of just watching and seeing/hearing what you want to hear and actually read things on the website before putting your credit card information in you would understand what you would be charged for

also if you would read you would know the customer service number is listed on the website if u click on customer service people, are always saying there is no contact number but it is right there if you would just open your eyes

oh and if you call customer service and are polite and not screaming there is a chance people would be more likely to want to help you and not hang up

no one likes to be screamed at they are regular people just like you that are trying to make a living dont take your mistakes and *** decisions out on them


Here is the actual company information:

Allstar Products Group (APG)

2 Skyline Drive

Hawthorne, NY 10532

Phone: 914.347.7827


I have had the same experience. Does anyone have a live customer service line and not the number on the ad?

I am reporting this company to the State of Connecticut Attorney General's Office. That is the shipping information they have on their "order" site. They charged me $20 for the one $10 deal they had, then $15.00 for SH.

This is illegal and I am going to bust them. I really need a number to call. Can anyone help? Otherwise, I am sending a letter certified mail tomorrow morning. They need to be reported! There are complaints all over the Internet about these crooks!


Total scam.They charged my credit card $114!!!

The add says two for $10.I will try custom service but I'm sure I will get nowhere with them they are a bunch of crooks!!


Can't believe they want so much $$$$ for shipping.Then just try to cancel - if they don't hang up on you.

They must get so many complaints that they just hang up!

Don't buy this product.It's a rip-off.


*** Company, I completed a single order they said 7.95 shipping, no confirmation screen it just said "order placed" I agree complete fraud criminals. It should cost 5 bucks to send the item I was billed 31 + dollars for shipping. A%%%%%holes.


Same thing happened to me. They don't tell you about their outrageous shipping fees and mine totaled for more that $35 bucks for a couple of tortilla pans...

Bunch of crooks!

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